The Context for Agility

Some people learn best by reading. Others prefer video. So, I’ve created a video of my blog post: The Future of Agile, Changing the World of Work. The video puts agility into its historic context, examining the generational waves of new and better ways for organizations to approach their work in a world of increasing pace of change, complexity and interconnectedness.

generational-waves Lean emerged in the 1970s, Agile in the 1990s, Lean Startup in the current decade, and Organizational Agility and Leadership patterns are just beginning to emerge. It seems that it takes a generational turnover for these new mindsets to become prevalent. Continue on to watch the video.

We are passionate about helping organizations find real purpose and engagement in their work. We regularly work with organizations to combine the ideas in this video with leadership development, systems thinking, complexity science, and other related fields. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out! You can find all of my info here. Also, if you think others would find this video useful, please feel free to share it using one of the links below.

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