The Three Jobs of Agile Management (Part 4)

Tip 4 – Use the Agile Management Canvas as a guide to Agile adoption or transformation. 

After explaining the basics of the model (three jobs, two sides), share the canvas with a group that is interested in adopting an agile approach. Have them provide their subjective input into which elements on the canvas are the biggest

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Technical Debt, & the “Core Four” Practices to Avoid It

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What is “Technical Debt”?

People are still debating over the one true meaning of the term “technical debt.” It was coined by Ward Cunningham around 2009, and the short definition is this:

Technical Debt is the deferment of good software design for the sake

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The Three Jobs of Agile Management (Part 3)

Tip 3 – use the full Agile Management Canvas to see the larger system of management when trying to address challenges.

If we take the example of a team complaining that their daily standup is taking too long and start to look for ideas in the canvas, we might start with the Collaboration Structures element.

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The Three Jobs of Agile Management (Part 2)

Tip 2: Use the jobs and the two sides to identify areas that may be out of balance in your organization.

As an example, I’ll give you an outside view of Tesla motors. Full disclaimer – I’m a shareholder and a student of Tesla, but I have no insider information so take it with a huge

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The Three Jobs of Agile Management (Part 1)

Tip 1: Use the three jobs to clarify responsibilities in the organization.

For example, the job of Creating Clarity has an overlap between the role of the Product Owner on a Scrum team. Which responsibilities belong to management and which belong to the Product Owner? You can use the elements in the Agile Management Canvas,

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A Short History of Kanban (and Lean) (Part 3)

The history of lean and kanban is a challenge to boil down, so inevitably, I know there are aspects that are missing here. The title says “short” because, while there is a lot of information here, it is short in terms of how more is out there!  Additionally, there are often disagreements on certain aspects

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Top 5 Ways to Maximize Learning in Virtual Classes

I’ve discovered that the people who get the most out of training do these 5 things. Here are some key tips to maximize learning in a virtual environment. Read More

Kanban Principles for Success (Part 2)

The kanban principles we use and I mention in What is Kanban? are fairly straightforward, yet often ignored in organizations who say they are doing kanban. I want to dig into a bit more depth on

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