The Three Jobs of Agile Management (Part 1)

Tip 1: Use the three jobs to clarify responsibilities in the organization.

For example, the job of Creating Clarity has an overlap between the role of the Product Owner on a Scrum team. Which responsibilities belong to management and which belong to the Product Owner? You can use the elements in the Agile Management Canvas, as well as your own elements. An example list for the responsibilities discussion might include:

  • Purpose and Vision
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Success Metrics/ObjectivesProduct Backlog PrioritizationProduct Backlog Decomposition

Remember that the three principles of Agile management are:

  1. Move authority to where the work is being done
  2. Be mindful of complex systems
  3. Create safety and engagement

Given those principles and the context for your team, how might you divide the responsibilities? Let us know in the comments below.

Download Peter’s Three Jobs of Agile Management PDF for an infographic of the three jobs to help in your Agile management journey.

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