New to Agile? Build trust to grow influence and impact

Transforming the way you work to an Agile approach has implications for the relationship between software teams and their customers and stakeholders. But in many cases, the would-be Agile team’s vision of a better collaborative future is viewed with skepticism, at best. What do you do when you want a more collaborative relationship with your

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80/20 Product Ownership Updates

A few updates on 80/20 Product Ownership, my online course that teaches you how to slice your work at every level of detail to get value and learning

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5 Key Skills Great Product Owners Have

Being Product Owner is hard. Actually, that’s not quite true. Anybody can make a list of things to build, call it a backlog, and bring it to a few meetings every month. Being a great Product Owner is hard. Development skills are essential, but it doesn’t matter how fast your team delivers and how good

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MHA 2015 Slides: Resistance to Change Doesn’t Exist

Thanks to everyone who attended my Mile High Agile 2015 session, “Resistance to Change Doesn’t Exist.” Here are the slides and

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Splitting Stories in Chinese (or, 用户故事切分招数)


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Why You’ll Want to Attend Humanizing Work 2015

Every year, we put on a conference just for agile practitioners who’ve been in one of our classes. Check out this 90 second video to see what makes the Humanizing Work Conference so special: