Denver APLN Meeting Next Tuesday (Jan 20)

Denver’s new APLN chapter is having our first proper (i.e. non-planning) meeting next Tuesday.

Date: January 20, 2009
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Sigis Cabaret room in the Tivoli Student Center on the Auraria Campus

Our topic will be an open discussion on how to convince management that agile is the proper approach to be taken on projects.

Why Another Agile Group in Denver?

I participate in three agile groups here: the APLN chapter, Agile Denver, and the Boulder Agile Meetup. They all serve different niches in different ways. The APLN group will usually use an open space discussion format and will have a focus on management and leadership issues related to agile. I don’t expect to dig into TDD there, for example, but I do expect to talk about enterprise-wide agile adoption or project portfolio management. Agile Denver uses a presentation format and covers a range of topics. It tends to bring in the out-of-town speakers like Mary Poppendieck, who came last Fall. Finally, the Boulder Agile Meetup is an oper space group like the APLN chapter, but with a focus on more of the practitioner-level issues. For example, last month we had a great discussion about how to define “done” at various levels on an agile project and the practical issues involved.

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