MHA 2014 Session Notes: Models for Support

For those who attended my Mile High Agile 2014 session, Models for Support, here are the photos of the flip charts (with a little explanatory text around them):

MHA14 Models for Support Thumbnail

Were you there? Share your

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Taking Agile Beyond Software

Two years ago, when Bob and I merged our companies into today’s Agile For All, we wrote out a vision statement for the company that began, “For software organizations and the people who work with them…” We knew how to help software organizations become successful. Since we teach our clients to focus on a well-defined

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The Agile For All Christmas Party & Four Charities We’re Fired Up About This Christmas

In November, we asked our wives, Dawn Lawrence and Carol Hartman (whom many of you met at the conference), to plan a unique company Christmas party and surprise us with it. They delivered! We were suprised and pleased with yesterday’s party.

Dawn and Carol asked for a larger budget

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3 Ways to Handle End-of-the-Year Holidays on Your Agile Team

The period from mid-December to early-January can be disruptive for an agile team. You’re used to working on a regular cadence, maybe in 2-week iterations. Suddenly, there’s an avalanche of company holidays and vacation time that throws off your velocity and cadence. Here are 3 ways you can make the end of the year a

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Humanizing Work 2013 Conference Recap

Humanizing Work 2013 Conference LogoLast month’s Humanizing Work Conference was organized around one big hypothesis: that it was possible to do to a conference what we’d done to our classes—to take all the standard features and replace them with more interactive, brain-friendly ones. Well, it worked…beyond our expectations.

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Focusing on the Right Things in Your Daily Scrum

“Yesterday, I was in Sprint Planning…” I hear it once, and I’m suspicious. By the time the third team member says this, it’s clear the Daily Scrum I’m observing is broken. Everyone in the room knows we did planning yesterday—we were all there. It’s not valuable content to help the team plan its day.


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Agile Homeschool

Homeschool Standup MeetingMy wife and I have been homeschooling our 3 boys since our oldest, who turns 13 tomorrow, started kindergarten. From the beginning, we’ve tried to apply the Agile, Lean, and accelerated learning principles I use in my work. After 8 years of experimentation, we’ve settled on

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Change Happens—So Make it Cheaper

Change on software projects is expensive; it leads to wasteful rework.

Change is risk. We can deal with risk one of two ways. We can reduce the likelihood of the negative event occurring. Or we can reduce the impact of the negative event when it does occur. (Of course, the two can often be combined.)

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