80/20 Product Ownership Updates

A few updates on 80/20 Product Ownership, my online course that teaches you how to slice your work at every level of detail to get value and learning faster…

New Bonus Units

Not only do participants get lifetime access to the content, but I also try to make the course more valuable over time based on feedback I get from participants and clients. To that end, I’ve added two new bonus units to the course:

  • “Killing Sprint Zero,” which looks at the practice of Sprint 0, how it delays value and learning, and how you can minimize or eliminate it.
  • “Reporting Release Progress,” on how to report progress on larger releases to stakeholders in a useful and honest way.

Feature Mining Webinar

Of all the content in 80/20 Product Ownership, I’m most excited about Feature Mining, my technique for taking a big idea (a new product, project, release, or whatever) and finding the first high-value, high-learning slices. 80/20 PO is the only place I teach this outside of in-person training and coaching.

On September 18, I’ll be hosting a live webinar on Feature Mining for all course participants who have completed that module. I’ll share more detail and examples of the technique, answer your questions, and provide feedback on your Feature Mining examples, master class style. To join the webinar, you’ll need to have completed the Feature Mining module, including practice activities and quizzes, by September 17. For eligible participants who can’t make the live webinar, I’ll make a recording available so you can still benefit from the session.

Sign up for 80/20 Product Ownership today to join the webinar.

Remote Coaching Offer

Finally, I’m offering a special package for five 80/20 Product Ownership participants.

There’s nothing like interactive coaching to learn these techniques and apply them to your work. Right now, there are two ways to learn this content—through in-person coaching with me or through 80/20 PO on your own. To bridge that gap, I’m offering a new package called 80/20 PO Mastery that includes registration in the online course plus two 45-minute coaching calls with me to help you apply the material.

We’ll work together to schedule the calls for the most strategic times in the course based on your needs. I’ll help you get unstuck, see new ways to apply the techniques to your unique context, and stay focused as you work through the course.

If you want to go through the program with a colleague, one of you can sign up for the regular course, the other can sign up for 80/20 PO Mastery, and you can do the coaching calls together.

Sign up for 80/20 PO Mastery here before it sells out.

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