Work Should Fit People

This week, we launched the Humanizing Work Show. In episode 1, we summarize what we mean by Humanizing Work and where the phrase came from.

Humanizing Work is about shaping work to fit people. When people thrive at work, teams and organizations thrive.

Humanizing Work has four key themes:

  • Creativity — people need to exercise autonomy, to create and change their world
  • Collaboration — people need connection, and they accomplish greater things in collaboration with others
  • Impact — people are motivated by making a difference in other people’s lives
  • Growth — work should cause people to grow and should provide a space for people to express their growth

In future episodes, we’ll go deeper into specific ways to flesh out these themes in organizations and we’ll talk with people who are doing creating Humanizing Work in their own organizations.

Update, October 2020: The Humanizing Work Show is now available at

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