Real World Agile Testing with Fit and FitNesse

Another short blog entry.  This time it is to announce that we’ll be hosting Rob Myers teaching a great agile testing course using Fit and FitNesse on March 23 and 24.  The course will be held at the Denver PPA Event Center (right across from Invesco Field at Mile Hi).  This course was just given for a local client and the reviews were fantastic.  Get more details at  There you will also see some of the testimonials from the recent course.

And, just because I like all of you, use discount code EARLYEARLY before February 25 to get an additional 10% discount.

If your organization struggles with getting testing completed within an iteration and you use either C# or Java, this course is a must.  It can mean the difference between agile success and failure.  Is that wor$895?  And, if your organization is interested in sending more than one person (the course works best with tester/developer pairs), contact me and I’ll give an additional discount for the 2nd person (or any beyond that).

Don’t delay, sign up now.  You absolutely don’t want to miss this course.  It gives you the keys to true automated acceptance testing, not the type most companies are doing when they delay automation for an interation or two!

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