New to agile? Remember a user story is more than a card!

What’s wrong with the user story on the card?  It seems to have everything we need: a) short title, b) a size (in this case 2), and c) a well-written story using the standard “As a … I want … so that …” format.  So what’s

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Agile antipatterns: Agile burn-down chart roundup post

Do you want to see several different ways agile and scrum burn-down charts can lie?  If so, you are in the right place! This month I went on a burn-down chart craze and posted several blog entries about the different ways those charts can lie to us or expose us to team dysfunction.  In order, the

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New to agile? Learn how to split stories

storyIn my last blog Agile antipattern: Taking on large stories I said I would give you some tips on how to split stories.  First though, it is important to understand WHY splitting a story well can be helpful.  It is about much more than just making

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Agile antipattern: Taking on large stories

sprintburndown3Earlier this week I posted a blog entry “Agile antipattern: Burndown charts that hide the truth” which dealt with one way a burndown chart could hide reality.  This blog entry shows another way it is possible for a burndown chart to be misleading.  The

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New to agile? Work at a sustainable pace

Question:  Which is better: a) Working nights and weekends to meet iteration commitments, or b) Admitting the commitment was too much and working normal hours regardless of the

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Agile antipattern: Using email as the primary communication tool

Can I just be short and to the point for this one?  I hope so, because that is my intention!

Email is LOW BANDWIDTH communication

Agile teams REQUIRE HIGH BANDWIDTH communication

Do you see a problem?

Agile teams need to communicate in real-time whenever possible.  Even the agile manifesto says “individuals and

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How to make a LOT more money using agile

Yesterday’s blog post dealt with how to manage scope for an agile project.  Today I have to admit it was a bit of a setup.  It was designed to set up today’s blog post which is really the important one!

See that pile of money

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New to agile? INVEST in good user stories

As a <user> I want <function> so that<value>.

Above is a very simple user story template.  How can something so simple be so hard to get right?  User stories make up the heart of agile development.  They are the primary input to the team.  The team takes the user stories and creates product increments based

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