The #DarkScrum Formula

Ron Jeffries coined the term #DarkScrum.

#DarkScrum occurs when we focus on enforcing Scrum mechanics rather than reinforcing Agile Values and Principles.

This results in unenjoyable and demoralizing work. Where busyness is prioritized over impact. In other words, lots of work being done without a potentially releasable product increment created each Sprint.

Luckily, I have seen #BrightScrum, where Scrum helps us make work more enjoyable and vibrant. Where teams are releasing value that matters to our business, customers, and users every Sprint. Where Scrum helps us to humanize our workplaces and schools.

#BrightScrum occurs when we choose a mindset congruent with Agile values and principles. #BrightScrum happens we use Scrum to help us actualize the Agile Manifesto.

After deep analysis and research with Agile For All’s team of mathematicians and data scientists, we uncovered a formula that makes #DarkScrum all but certain in your organization.

#DarkScrum Formula

Download the #DarkScrum Formula here. Post it up for your team and managers, email it to a friend, and share it on social media to help spread awareness of how to detect and prevent #DarkScrum.

Let’s make more #BrightScrum, together.

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