Taking Agile Beyond Software

Two years ago, when Bob and I merged our companies into today’s Agile For All, we wrote out a vision statement for the company that began, “For software organizations and the people who work with them…” We knew how to help software organizations become successful. Since we teach our clients to focus on a well-defined target customer, it was logical for us to focus on software development.

As is often the case, though, serving one target market well often leads to the actual market growing well beyond that target. As we focused on helping software teams succeed, other parts of their organizations noticed…and they wanted the same results. Our work thus naturally expanded beyond software development (thereby growing into our name).

Now that we’ve worked with a handful of non-software organizations, from sales and marketing to education, we’re seeing the patterns that make an agile approach work outside of software, and we’re experiencing a wave of interest from a variety of companies, so we’re taking what we’ve learned public. This March, we’re offering a public “Intro to Agile Beyond Software” class in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the home of one of our most successful “agile beyond software” clients, Geonetric. You can read more about the class and get signed up on the Eventbrite registration page. Discounted early bird registration ends February 5th.

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  1. Richard, I’m a big believer in expanding Agile methods beyond software development and project management. Agility is needed in our lives as well as in our organizations. Kudos for the work you are doing!