Humanizing Work Show: What Can Jazz Teach Us About Teams? Everything.

Think about it. When people are paying attention to what other people are doing in a more present and engaged way, it frees them up to contribute in new ways and bring more creativity to the table. The parallels between jazz and how great teams operate are widespread.

Peter Green’s first career was as a professional trumpet player. As he moved into the traditional business world, and in team leadership, he found that the skills that he learned as a musician applied directly to building better business and teams.

In this Humanizing Work Show special episode, we spend time with an actual Jazz group working through the need for trust, risk-taking, and creativity that makes great music. Peter and Richard break down the characteristics of jazz that can be adopted in the business world to make your team thrive.

Update, October 2020: The Humanizing Work Show is now available at

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