Cuke4Nuke Needs Your Help

Almost 2 years ago, at the 2009 AA-FTT conference, I started Cuke4Nuke to bring Cucumber to the .NET world. Since then, thanks to some fantastic help from Aslak Hellesøy, Matt Wynne, Declan Whelan, Åsmund Eldhuset, and others, Cuke4Nuke supports almost all the features of Cucumber.

But there are still a few key features it needs, and I have too many projects going to keep up with it. Specifically, I’d most like to see:

  • Support for VS2010 (.NET 4) and Mono
  • Step definition config files
  • Tagged hooks
  • An all-in-one installer like RailsInstaller
  • Better UTF-8 support
  • Culture support to go with the current language support (e.g. for string to decimal or date conversions)
  • Debugging for step definitions in Visual Studio
  • A completely automated build and release process for Cuke4Nuke itself
  • Updates to cuke4vs, which isn’t my project but which brings valuable Visual Studio integration to Cuke4Nuke

Are you a .NET and/or Ruby developer? Would you like to contribute? I’d love the help. Check out the instructions for contributing and jump in!

P.S. – Since someone always asks…Yes, I know about SpecFlow. I think it’s a great project. But I still believe there’s value in a .NET version of Cucumber that shares as much code and behavior as possible with the main Cucumber project.

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  1. Hi Richard,
    just a short comment:
    It can definitely make sense to use the SpecFlow Visual Studio integration even when using Cuke4Nuke.
    SpecFlow does not have all the features of Cuke4Vs but it has two big advantages over Cuke4VS:
    – It runs in Visual Studio 2010
    – It uses the Gherkin parser from Cucumber while Cuke4Vs implements its own parser. So much for “sharing code and behavior”.

    We are working on bringing all the features of Cuke4Vs to the SpecFlow integration.

    1. Hi Jonas,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I didn’t know it was possible to use SpecFlow for Visual Studio integration with Cuke4Nuke. Interesting idea! I’ll have to try it.

      I totally agree about the parser; it would be best if all Cucumber-related tools used Gherkin to avoid duplication.