Venture Capital Inflection

“It doesn’t get much better than this; the smell of fresh pine in the breeze, an abundance of game to be hunted.”

Hemet Nesingwary

I’m excited. Like, really excited. 

We have an opportunity to bring venture capital to a much bigger audience. 

Equipped with the tools of social and a growing infrastructure to manage and syndicate to the world, I’d like to try my hand at 1000x venture capital’s exposure. 

Electric cars, drone technology, online gaming professions, the rise-of-the-personality market, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and even VR… they began small, with only a handful of individuals leading the charge.

They’re now booming industries with more innovation, tech, and money being put behind them like never before.

Who knew that Youtubers would be household names, let alone professional gamers? Who knew that teenagers would use drone technology to push it into a sport, or that cryptocurrency would even make a splash? 

Venture capital is at this inflection point as well. As a serial entrepreneur who has benefited from the VC world to becoming an angel investor in multiple companies… I see the landscape ripe for growth. I’m talking massive expansion

I want to help lead that growth. Let’s get the message out to the world.

Thanks so much for being here. It’s going to be awesome.

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