The New Direction of Agile For All

Like all of you, I’m glad 2020 is in the rearview mirror! I’m very hopeful that 2021 will be far better overall than 2020.

There are some exciting changes for Agile For All in 2021 as well.

During 2020 it became apparent the business model Agile For All used had run its course. We built the company model around autonomy for the trainers and coaches, which is great until it isn’t. It wasn’t one thing like a pandemic, but a series of events that made all of us realize that we had reached a point where it was time for us to change how the company was operating. With ten really smart, independent-thinking trainers and coaches, it wasn’t shocking when we couldn’t all agree on a way forward. As a result, some new companies have been formed by some of the people who had been part of Agile For All. Richard Lawrence, Peter Green and Angie Ham formed The Humanizing Work Company. Tricia Broderick formed Ignite Insight+Innovation. Jake Calabrese is partnering with his friend Paul Tevis at Helping Improve. Rob Myers has restarted Agile Institute. John Miller has a couple of things going that you can read about on LinkedIn. And Steve Spearman, together with Henry Dittmer, have formed Full Spectrum Agile. Six new businesses all started in the past few months. That’s exciting! I’m excited about it because it allows all of those people to pursue their passion in life and business. It also allows me to continue to pursue my passion through Agile For All. I’ll be partnering with Peter Saddington as we experiment and learn better and more effective ways to help the world become more agile.

Some of the things we have for 2021 are:

Both Peter and I are excited about the future. We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings. We hope you are excited about the future as well, and we invite you to join our online community to check things out. We are hopeful it will become an invaluable resource for you over time. Imagine a place where you can ask an agile question and get answers from agile experts like Peter and me plus answers from your peers at other companies. If you do sign up, be patient. We are growing this from a small prototype that ran for a few months into something much bigger and better. We know that change won’t happen overnight, but with your help, it can happen faster!

In closing, Peter and I would like to wish all of you a Happy 2021. Our hope is your life is enhanced by agility in 2021 in ways you can’t even imagine today. In 2021 be agile, don’t just do agile. Keep us in mind if you need help with that.

– Agile Bob

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