The 7 Deadly Sins of Almost Being Agile presentation from Agile 2009

This presentation was originally given at Agile 2009 in Chicago.  Richard Lawrence and I wanted to give teams a bit of hope if they weren’t quite doing agile.  In order to do that we gave a presentation helping them understand some of the basic issues.  However, we also recognize every organization is different.  We didn’t want to give cookbook answers when the kitchen wasn’t always the same.  So instead we gave attendees a way to help reach resolution on their problems.  This is based on the Thinking Process from the Theory of Constraints.  Below is the presentation from SlideShare.  It mentions creating clouds as exercises.  You can download the handout given to attendees in order to learn this for yourself.  If you want to download the presentation please email me.  I would rather send you the file directly.  My email is in the sidebar to the right.

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