Season 3 of #VCHunting Complete!

Season 3 is complete with another all-star cast of characters:

I have absolutely loved my 3rd season of interviewing the world’s best venture capitalists. These are people with passion for their specific niche and their place in the world of investing in others.

I think, that is what made this season so special for me. Each person I talked to had a very specific worldview, a niche, something they were super passionate about, like Danielle Strachman and her passion for success outside of the walls of universities, to Jay Kapoor and his focus on the athlete-investors, and Tyler Tringas who is ensuring bootstrappers can find their balance between a lifestyle business and taking just a little bit of VC money to get to the next level. Each and every person I interviewed had something they were passionate about, and I loved learning about the ‘why’s’ behind their passion.

It’s been great fun, this master-class in venture capital. I’ve learned so much from the back-channel chatter and inside networks and slack channels I’m a part of now. It’s great to now have access to even more wonderful people in the world who really want to help others succeed in changing the world. I’m really appreciative of the relationships I’ve gained so far and the extended network I’m growing into! It’s going to be great when I have my next epic ideas! 😉

This season was cut a bit short due to the COVID-19 bio-threat that’s happening, but I’m not disappointed. This is the right time for people to focus on what matters most: family, relationships, and health. My best wishes to all of the VCs out there navigating these strange new times!

In this new mobile-first, video-first, remote-work world we’re living in today, it’s time to invest in yourself and prepare for the new future and I’m glad many are taking this time to do so.

During this time I finished my 3rd book called GRAVITY – How to create an irresistible brand, unlimited deal flow, and infinite possibilities. I’d love for y’all to check it out. I hope it inspires you to prepare for the new world order of mobile, video, and remote work.

I’m certainly prepared.

All the best,
Get it on eBook format before my publisher takes it! 😉

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