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ROHIT BHATIA | #VCHunted Field Notes!
Rohit Bhatia | VCHunted!

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Rohit is a Senior Analyst at Grand Ventures. He has previous venture capital experience from his time at SixThirty Ventures and Cultivation Capital.

As an Analyst at SixThirty, Rohit was responsible for due diligence, market research, and pipeline development in financial and insurance technology, and cybersecurity start-ups. At Cultivation Capital, he assisted with due diligence in life sciences and digital health companies. Rohit also spent time as an Investment Analyst at Cambridge Associates where he helped advise endowment and foundation clients on asset allocation and fund investments.

Rohit Bhatia & Peter Saddington – Happy to be here!

Now that all of the basics are covered, what I appreciated most about conversing with Rohit was his worldview, which was so clear to me: he’s all about balance in life. He’s also very mature throughout his short career pathing as well. He knew when he wasn’t learning and growing and was self-aware enough to seek out the next opportunity for him to grow into.

I appreciated this as it is very similar to how I operate.

“I definitely have a high-risk appetite. I think life is too short to be miserable.”

Rohit Bhatia | VCHunting S3E8

What is great about Rohit’s current position at Grand Ventures is that it is only 4 of them. The organization is flat and it gives Rohit lots of opportunity to learn from the rest of his team and leverage their network and experience. It really is the best time of his life in this company. Clearly, they also give him the autonomy to live his best life now as well!

Rohit reminds us of the name of the game in venture capital: it’s all about the network. He says the best way to grow a network as a new VC is to network network network. Reaching out, asking for help from the community, going to events and asking local VCs who to connect with. As an introvert, Rohit can say that as long as you’re nice, you don’t have to be a type A to grow in venture capital.

One thing, Rohit just joined the Twitter! He enjoys being able to have a work-life and a private life. Something I really appreciate. You don’t need to leverage social for private, but for work? It’s something that even Rohit can concede he needs.

“I rejected social media in high school. I got off of everything. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like external validation that comes from social media. Not being on social media has allowed me to pay more attention to my close friends and family.”

Rohit Bhatia | VCHunting S3E8
Amazing! – What an accomplishment Rohit Bhatia!

From Rohit’s worldview and work ethic of grit and finding meaning, he has recently found a whole new level of meaning to pain in his Ironman Triathlon journey. I loved hearing him describe what it was to train for it, and the value of constantly seeing yourself grow and improve. It’s something that I hope Rohit keeps forever! We can always grow all the time!

Rohit Bhatia – Humble and grounded. What a great life he will have!

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Rohit, as a young 25-year old investor, he has a whole world to explore and grow into. I look forward to seeing his forward progress and imminent success.

Enjoy my retrospective!

Rohit Bhatia | VCHunted Interview Retrospective


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