Press Release: Agile For All and Humanizing Work to split into separate companies

AUG. 10, 2020 – DENVER, CO – Richard Lawrence, Peter Green, and Angie Ham are leaving Agile For All to launch the Humanizing Work company. 

“Agile For All assembled a group of highly skilled trainers and coaches under a united brand,” says Lawrence. “The company was optimized for a high level of autonomy for the trainers and coaches, and it expanded the application of Agile broadly into all parts of all types of businesses. This approach has served the trainers, the company, and its clients very well. 

“With the Humanizing Work company, we will use a different model to focus on building strategic products that expand the Humanizing Work movement and community.

“The Agile For All team members are among the best in the world at what they do,” Lawrence continues. “I’m confident that Agile For All will continue to be a trusted source for great training and coaching, and we look forward to partnering with them whenever our needs intersect.”

Says Bob Hartman of Agile For All: “I’m excited that Peter, Richard and Angie will be taking the original idea of Humanizing Work and expanding it into something even bigger and better. I try to encourage people to pursue things they are passionate about. In this case, it is a great fit between people and the cause they want to pursue. When they started discussing this idea I was 100% supportive because I could feel their passion, which can only mean good things for the future of Humanizing Work!” 

The Humanizing Work company will begin operating Oct. 1, 2020. Future instances of the Humanizing Work Conference, which Agile For All has hosted since 2013, will move forward under the stewardship of the Humanizing Work company, with collaboration from Agile For All. 

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