On 2015 and Beyond!

As we look at Agile in 2015, there is a lot of excitement, a lot of opportunity, and a lot of fun ahead of us. I’m glad to be a part of it as I begin rolling into the Agile For All fold.

We have a lot of great stuff happening, obviously our retinue of services have now been bolstered by even more expertise and our service offerings will continue to grow for our current and future clients.

Here’s what you can expect from us moving into 2015:

Peter Saddington‘s Take on 2015


The Agile For All family planning for 2015!

I’m super excited for what 2015 will bring. For those that don’t know the newest addition to the wonderful Agile For All crew, you can find more information about me here in the Agile For All bio, and more here in an expanded version.

A couple of things I’m excited to bring into the fold:

  • Helping our clients understand the complexities of systems at scale. – Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you overlay scaled processes. This can (and often will) make the complex even more complex…
  • Bringing a deeper understanding of the sciences behind organizational agility, human capital, and cultural optimization.
  • Growing education in and within organizations – Kaizen (continual improvement) should be a business strategy, not just an afterthought.
  • And even more…

Let us know what you’d like to see, hear, or even experience as we continue to partner with many of you into 2015!

Thank you all! Here’s to a kick-booty 2015!


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Peter Saddington

Peter is currently taking a break from being an amazing trainer and coach in order to be an entrepreneur and pursue additional passions. He is extremely happy with life right now and we at Agile For All support him in his efforts to reach for the stars with his new venture. We are proud of him for making a difficult decision and striving to live the values and principles he taught so many others in his workshops. We can't wait to witness his successes.


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