New to agile? Don’t make it too hard!

OK, so this isn’t my normal type of blog entry.  I don’t usually plug my speaking enagements like this, but then I thought – why not?  So, for anyone local to the Denver area, I’ll be speaking to the Agile Denver group on September 28.  Below is the abstract for my talk.  I’ll post another blog entry after the talk with more details from the presentation.  For more details on Agile Denver go to

Simple Agile

Everyone knows Agile is hard to do effectively.  So how can it be simple?  It can’t be simple, but keeping simple in mind can help avoid a number of problems which tend to make agile harder!   Confused?  Then come to this presentation which is designed to illuminate certain areas of agility where teams and organizations tend to make things hard on themselves rather than taking a simple approach.  “Simple Agile” is all about living the common agile phrase “Do the simplest thing that works.”  This presentation will explore Simple Agile planning, meetings, development, and testing along with other tangential areas.  The presentation combines some PowerPoint slides, some audience participation and some group discussion.  Come prepared to participate!

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