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  • Hi all! I am looking for some advice on how to handle decisions that are made outside of a team that are negatively impacting the team. The team works in Infrastructure and is underwater with work right now. They are working late nights and weekends. When the team tries to say no to a piece of work because they can’t fit it into their workload, the Director over the area will give the work to someone else to implement, but the original team still has to support the solution long-term, or decisions about design are taken away from the team but the expectation of executing on that design still exists. What are some ways to visualize the problem – overloaded team members, too much work in flight, prioritizing work over mental/physical well-being? Conversations haven’t worked so we are open to trying anything. For context – the team runs Kanban because of constantly shifting priorities. TIA

  • I don’t have great suggestions for you here – it is a struggle. Our teams have really utilized Slack as a tool to help with “real-time” communication. It is nice that you can throw in code or designs that you are working on and there is a record of the conversation so others can weigh in in their own time. Good luck!