Humanizing Work Show Season 2 Finale: What Are the Top Characteristics That Make a Team Great? We’re Asking the Adobe Audition Team.

Industry leader, @Adobe, is known for its innovation in the creative industry, allowing creatives to do what they do best with the help of innovative tools. Audio professionals look to Adobe to help them create their best work with the use of Adobe Audition, an audio editing, mixing, and creation tool.

Who was behind the development of this software? A small but successful, high performing team that took their shared purpose and alignment seriously which allowed for unprecedented results to follow. They paved the way for the eventual business model change at Adobe to subscription and cloud.

In our Humanizing Work Show Season 2 finale, we brought the original Adobe Audition team together to tell us what made their team so successful as they pioneered change and brought Scrum into Adobe.

Update, October 2020: The Humanizing Work Show is now available at

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