Humanizing Work Show Ep. 3: What Drives Motivation

When you think about what motivates someone within their job or work it tends to go back to what their connection is to the purpose behind their work.

“…it’s hard to imagine a motivating purpose that doesn’t impact another person. I think we are wired to care about other people.”

Richard Lawrence and Peter Green examine the theories of motivation and the core motivators they’ve found in their work with clients.

Update, October 2020: The Humanizing Work Show is now available at


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  1. Team formation of SCRUM teams can be disappointing sometimes.
    Bruce Tuckman described 4 phases of team formation: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. We cannot expect a new SCRUM team to perform as well as it has just been put together. It takes more to get a team to perform well. What do you suggest?

    • Season 2 is all about teams—how they form, what makes good ones, what gets in the way, etc. Stay tuned. The first episode will be live shortly.

Richard Lawrence

Longtime co-owner of Agile For All, Richard left in October 2020 to co-found Humanizing Work. He trains and coaches people to collaborate more effectively with other people to solve complex, meaningful problems. He draws on a diverse background in software development, engineering, anthropology, and political science. Richard is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer, as well as a certified trainer of the accelerated learning method, Training from the Back of the Room. His book, Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber, was published by Addison-Wesley in 2019 (for more information, visit

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