Getting to Know A4A: Tricia Broderick

Today, we’re getting to know Tricia Broderick, trainer, coach, and Agile For All’s resident conference junkie. You can find Tricia participating in and organizing Agile conferences throughout the year, including Agile2017, where she’s the conference chair.

Tricia Broderick teaching at Humanizing Work 2016Where are you from?

I was born in Michigan. Although I’m a proud Michigan State alumni, I knew my home was Colorado. In high school, I answered the “where will you be in 20 years” question with: Computer programmer, earning 35k and living in Colorado. A few years ago, living in Colorado finally came true too.

What’s your best travel tool or tip?

Laugh. Confession time: Once upon a time, I was the stressful traveler. My OCD checklist-loving personality despised long lines, flight delays, etc. Now, I accept that I can’t prevent these situations, so I spend my time more productively. I look for the funny to share with others. For example, there was a backup in the security lines at the airport. When I got to the front, I noticed a group of people clogging the flow. A woman was arguing with TSA on whether a family-sized bottle of maple syrup counted as a liquid (YES, it does!). I laughed, which does wonders for stress.

If I had to choose a totally different career, it’d probably be…

Although I am not entirely sure if this a totally different career these days, I would explore becoming a therapist because I seem to have a keen ability to help people look at situations from a variety of perspectives. Plus, I am genuine interested in helping others reach outside of their comfort zone.

Advice to your 25 year old self?

Imposter syndrome will both drive and haunt you. Guess what? So many other people feel like they are “faking it until they make it” too. So embrace what you do know and be vulnerable about what you are learning. People will respect growth.

I wish I had the ability to…

This one is easy. SING. Seriously, how wonderful would it be to belt out in song and not have your kid tell you “Mommy, please don’t sing”.

grinder4Favorite restaurant?

I’m not really a foodie. In fact, my husband often jokes that I order food without flavor. While I was living in Chicago, I discovered my favorite restaurant: Chicago Pizza Oven and Grinder. You start with incredible mediterranean bread. Then you enjoy a pizza where the toppings were baked in the dish with the dough baked on top (think pot pie), which is then served by flipping the contents upside down into basically a bowl. Ok, this doesn’t sound as good as I promise it is!!!

Book you’ve gifted the most?

I don’t think there is one particular book that I’ve gifted the most. However, there is a category that I tend to stay within because I love reading these books my myself: Classic Fiction. Dickens, Bronte, Alcott, Lee, Austen, etc.

1779708_10201579237619163_1750151156_nIf I’m not with a client, I’m…

Doing exactly what I want to do for the day. Some days I want to be active: dancing, hiking, volleyball, running, etc. Some days I want to be resting: curl up with a book and a tasty beverage. Mostly, I am spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite learning hack?

Writing it down. Only recently did I finally give up my franklin planner and honestly, I’m considering getting one again. Often, I never have to refer to my notes or lists once they are written, writing helped me remember.

Favorite thing about your work?

I’ve learned so much from so many people. Whenever I’ve thanked them, I typically get a response along the lines of pay it forward. So that’s what I’ve tried to do…pay forward the learning, connections, and the laughter. I’m so extremely grateful that paying it forward has fostered amazing relationships that go beyond work.

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