Getting to Know A4A: Peter Saddington

Continuing our Getting to Know Agile For All series, today we’re introducing Peter Saddington. Peter is a trainer, coach, and consultant, and our lone team member based in Atlanta.

Where are you from?

Pusan, South Korea. However, I was imported to America when I was 11. I’ve traveled and lived all over the place, from Japan, Korea, California, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia. I’ve also traveled to over 50 countries for work and leisure! My current home is in Atlanta, GA with my beautiful wife and two children, Micah and Joseph.

Favorite restaurant?

McDonalds. Government subsidized food at it’s best!

Outside of my work, I’m surprisingly good at…

Online card games. I’m actually ranked in the top 5% of the world in one of them.

If I could sit down for coffee/drinks/etc. with anyone, alive or dead, it’d be…

The historical Jesus. I’d have so many questions for him.

Where would you take them?

I’d take him to my home. Sit down in front of the fire with some hot tea and talk into the night.

The best part about my city is…

Unlike large cities like NYC, Atlanta is a place where you can choose your pace. If you’d like to be marketed to, where things are always ON (like in NYC), you can find places for that in Atlanta. If you want to find a nice place to take a picnic you can find that in Atlanta. If you’re a foodie, there are many great places to eat around Atlanta. Plus, who doesn’t love southern comfort food?

What’s your best travel tool or tip?

Make sure that you travel comfortably. I sleep almost 100% of all plane rides. So, get comfy, get warm, put on some sunglasses and arrive rested and well!

If I’m not with a client, I’m…

In my garage working on my cars with my friends and kids, or driving cars with friends or kids. There is absolutely nothing that compares to building and modifying a car and testing it out on an open road or track. The best way to relieve stress is to go out for a long drive! My family is a family who loves everything to do with automobiles. In another life, I’d certainly be a car mechanic.

Favorite learning hack?

Read and apply. The faster you apply what you’ve learned, the faster it gets ingrained into your brain. Execute and repeat. I usually try to apply what I’ve read within a couple days, especially if it’s something that can help my client.

Favorite thing about your work?

I love encouraging others to do audacious things. I love helping people see the opportunities around them that they may not have been aware of. I enjoy every moment when I’m helping people and clients solve problems and improve the way we do work together!

Book you’ve gifted the most?

Drive, by Dan Pink and Making Ideas Happen, by Scott Belsky

Advice to your 25 year old self?

I would change it to my 17-year-old self when I finished high school. I would tell my 17-year-old self that my ideas around social connectivity have a real chance of changing the world… meaning, I really should have built Facebook! Another thing I would tell my 17-year-old self would be: “Don’t get 3 Masters degrees. Get one, then get a doctorate. You’ll be more respected.”

I wish I had the ability to…

Warp. I travel almost every week. It’d be great to just “warp” there instantly.

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