Getting to Know A4A: Peter Green

Our Getting to Know Agile For All series continues. This time, we talk with Peter Green.

Peter on trumpet at Humanizing Work 2014, showing how good Scrum is like improvosational jazz
Peter on trumpet at Humanizing Work 2014, showing how good Scrum is like improvosational jazz

Where are you from?

I am from Heaven.
I am from all over the west. I was born in Lake Arrowhead, CA, and have lived in Ontario, CA, Riverside, CA, Temecula, CA, Tempe, AZ Provo, UT, and Seattle, WA.

If I’m not with a client, I’m…

Making music – playing trumpet, composing or arranging music, recording or producing music.

Favorite restaurant?

Newly discovered in Waltham MA: Gustazos, a Cuban place in an unexpected part of the US. Fantastic food.

If I could sit down for coffee/drinks/etc. with anyone, alive or dead, it’d be…

Jesus Christ. Who wouldn’t want to talk to the Savior of the world?

Where would you take them?

His choice 🙂

The best part about my city is…

Temecula is relatively close to most of Southern California, at half the cost of living of the rest of Southern California. A great place for families.

What’s your best travel tool or tip?

Get Diamond Status on Delta. Your airline experience will drastically change. 🙂

Favorite learning hack?

If you want to learn something, teach it. If no one wants to hear you teach it, make a video teaching about it, or a slide deck, or write a blog post. My Laloux Culture Model was exactly this – I wanted to solidify the model for me personally, but no clients were asking about it. So, I decided to make an animated video teaching the model. It has become one of most viewed blog posts/videos.

If I had to choose a totally different career, it’d probably be…

Making music. No question. Honestly, I might still choose that as a career at some point. If I’m not making music regularly, my wife notices: I get a bit grumpy. It is a core of who I am.

Favorite thing about your work?

By far my favorite thing is seeing people’s work-lives change for the better. Whether, that’s a shift from frustrated to excited, unhealthy to healthy, confused to on target, or struggling to successful, it’s a great feeling to have a small impact for the better.

Go-to movie quote?



I probably say this to my kids at least a couple of times weekly, which I’m sure they love.

I wish I had the ability to…

Transform the business of making music for every day musicians. Music as a career is brutal for all but the very, very lucky.

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