Agile, scrum, lean and kanban blogs to watch in 2010

I’m going to be spending a lot of time in 2010 writing blog entries.  Remember, I’ve committed to trying to write 4 blog entries per week, but in order to continue to grow in my abilities as a trainer and coach I need to continue to expand my knowledge.  The internet is great for things like this, especially now that blogging is done by more people.  I can now find niche content which fits my needs and just focus on those sites.  I’ve decided to share some of the blogs which will be on the top of my “must read” list.

I’ve broken the list into several sections, so feel free to peruse the ones where you have the most interest.  I’ve also made sure all of the listed blogs are in my sidebar blogroll.  Some of you may be wondering why there are more blogs listed in the sidebar than in this entry?  I do follow all of the blogs in the blogroll (and more), but some of them don’t make it to the “must read” list and instead reside on the “read whenever I have time” list.  There is nothing wrong with the second list.  It just acts more like Twitter – if I miss some entries I’m not going to be overly concerned.  Oh, and I’ve not put blogs from agile tool companies.  This isn’t to say those aren’t good, because they are, just there is usually so much data I can’t keep up with it all the time!

Agile Cooperative Blogs

Richard Lawrence – Lately Richard has been working on Cuke4Nuke – very interesting!
Powers of Two – Rob Myers doesn’t blog a lot, but when he does it is usually good stuff
Techniques of Design – David Bernstein on agile code quality, design and architecture

Other Agile Blogs

Succeeding with Agile – Mike Cohn’s blog – ‘nuf said!
Leading Agile – Mike Cottmeyer writes from the heart
Ruminations – Elisabeth Hendrickson on agile testing and more

Scrum Blog

Scrum Log – Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum – ‘nuf said!

Lean Blogs

David Anderson – Lean Channel – David is a leading expert
Scaling Software Agility – Dean Leffingwell wrote the book

Kanban Blogs

David Anderson – Kanban Channel – David is also an expert here!
Limited WIP Society – Lots of different authors

Little Bit of Everything Blogs

Bridging the Gap – Laura Brandenburg on business analysis
Managing Product Development – Johanna Rothman from an agile perspective

I like to read the blogs listed here because I find them entertaining, challenging, thought provoking, or simply interesting.  I know we all have different favorites, so if you don’t see your favorite blog listed here or in my sidebar, please feel free to leave a comment.  Only one rule, don’t promote your own blog.  It IS perfectly fine if you find someone else to shill for you though 🙂  I just don’t want too much blatant self-promotion going on.  If it isn’t listed here or in the blogroll there is a good chance it is in my “big list” but due to space limitations it didn’t make the cut.  If it gets recommended by others I may just change my mind!

Until next time I’ll be working to become better at Making Agile a Reality® by learning from the wisdom of others.

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  1. Bob… I remembered you saying that you were going to write more, but 4 blogs a week!? That is a lot of content. I want to give you permission to feel okay if at some point you try to do less. I do 3-4 if I am really spending time thinking about something, but man… sometimes the ideas aren’t going to flow. Good luck, I wish you the best!

    And by the way… thanks for the comment about Leading Agile. I do try to keep it real!


    1. Don’t worry Mike, I won’t actually hit my stretch goal. It is nice to have it out there and see how it works though. It is getting me into a rhythm that I like, but I have to figure out more of how I’ll actually continue to write while I’m traveling for courses and coaching engagements.

      And your blog deserved mention! I like it and I’m sure others do as well!