Agile Architecture and Agile Testing – New Courses on the horizon

Exciting news!  Some associates of mine are currently completing work on some new courses Agile For All will be able to offer.  The two courses are Agile Architecture and Agile Testing.  In fact, it is really three courses because Agile Testing has a version that is all about using FIT (Framework for Integrated Testing) and the other is how to do acceptance testing using VSTS (Visual Studio Team System) with FIT.

To me all of these courses are vitally important.  One constant question in the Agile community is “How do we create an architecture that doesn’t break when we change things?”  Another is “How do we do coding and testing in the same iteration?”  These courses are designed to answer those specific questions.  I am very excited by these courses because I know the backgrounds and abilities of the course creators.  I respect their abilities and after many conversations with them I am certain they will hit the mark with the courses.

I already have outlines for the courses, we just haven’t had time to post them on our website yet.  Be looking for more information on each of these (and more!) soon.  Agile For All is devoted to making sure each role within an organization has agile training available.  With these two new courses we can address specific needs of architects, designers and testers.  While there are some courses available in the agile testing arena (mostly for unit-testing rather than acceptance-testing), I have not yet found any that will have the same in-depth approach taken by our new course.  I have only found one agile architecture course and it is a single day course which will simply not be enough time to give students the ability to understand and TRY various techniques.

If you are interested in any of these courses, or anything else that we may not have listed yet, please email and I’ll be sure to send you more information.  For me this is Christmas coming a month early because I’ve felt for 2+ years that these courses are needed in the industry!

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