Great agile, scrum, lean and kanban online resources from December 2009

This will be a monthly feature during 2010 and beyond.  I’m going to give you some blog posts, articles and popular items from right here that I think are interesting enough to share.  There is plenty of good stuff here, so take your time exploring…

Lots of great blog postings this month.  Below are a few I found intriguing enough to share:

There were some excellent online articles as well:

The 5 biggest hits on this blog were:

Tune in on February 1 to see what I liked in January 2010!

Until next time I’ll be Making Agile a Reality® by keeping people informed of interesting blogs and articles that can help them!

If you have ideas for other blogs or articles that caught your attention please leave a comment below so the rest of us can see it too!

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