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Eric Bahn | VC Hunted!

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It was my pleasure to have a wonderful inaugural conversation with Eric to get the VC Hunting show off to a great start. It was ridiculously clear to me from the beginning that Eric loves the hustle, the startup mentality. Eric, Elizabeth Yin and Shiyan Koh all love the grind so much that they based the foundation of their fund on it!

“We think that the very best founders execute well and execute fast. We refer to these founders as hustlers, and we want them in our family.

By working with us, we commit to hustling as hard as our founders.”

Hustle Fund Website

I loved our discussion on what he looks for in founders and teams:

“The number 1 factor we look for in assessing potential of a team is hustle: great execution and high velocity.”

Eric Bahn – VC Hunting S1E1

I also very much enjoyed his candor about his own biases and how he could limit himself and his fund by not having an open mind. This is the type of transparency I really appreciate!

I like these types of tweets.

I loved how Eric spoke so highly of his spouse and partner. It clearly shows that having great support around you can really make the difference between success and failure, sanity and losing it all!

“Surround yourself with great supporting people. When you have those sabotaging voices – they can see you better than you can see yourself and remind you of how great you really are.”

Eric Bahn – VC Hunting S1E1

Quoting his wife, he reveals to us how growing a venture capital fund allowed him to find purpose in life. To forget thinking about retiring… but rather, figuring out how to live longer so he can do more!

“Most people are running away from something, very few are running towards something. When you identify what you’re running towards, that is where you can unlock a very satisfying life.”

Eric Bahn – VC Hunting S1E1

I can’t wait to have Eric Bahn on the show again, maybe we can have him on Season 2! Why? Because I’d love to discuss with him more about HustleCon:

And how his wife almost died

I can’t wait to speak with Eric in the near future. I’m sure he’ll have some great stories to tell!

Eric Bahn Retrospective

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