The future of agile: changing the world of work

I gave a presentation at the Scrum Gathering in Phoenix AZ about the historic context of Agile and Scrum, and where we are headed next. While agile practices like Scrum and XP are fairly mainstream in software companies, Agile as a mindset is still in the

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Interesting Articles to Spark Ideas

I come across many articles that I think would be great to pass on to others. Most of them I try to post to Twitter, Linked In, or Google Plus (occasionally FaceBook). The issue with that approach is that they are lost to the social media wind.

There are many book marking tools and ways to

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Improving Yourself with StrengthsFinder 2.0

I am often asked by folks I’m coaching for ideas of assessments they can take to help them grow.

I’m working on a few articles about different types of assessments and improving yourself. Notice that I did not say “ways to manipulate people!” Sometimes people think the value of these assessments is to control people or

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