An Agile Merry Christmas 2010!

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?  I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, so if that isn’t the holiday for you, think about your equivalent, or just think about going to your personal happy place.  Are you feeling it yet?  I know I’m in the Christmas spirit.  I can see it in the eyes of my children as we spend this week in a beachfront condo in Florida.  I think it is pretty funny to see people bundled up in scarves and parkas when the temperature hits 55 degrees, but it also reminds me that it really is Christmas time.  On to the point of this blog post…

I want to give out Christmas wishes!  So here goes…

1. To my colleague and friend, Richard Lawrence, my wish is for a great 2011 including publication of his first book.

2. To the Scrum Alliance, my wish is for a Certified Scrum Trainer acceptance and recertification criteria that works for the majority of the stakeholders in the process.

3. To the Agile Alliance, my wish is for Agile2011 to be a great success with fewer speaker controversies than in the past (ie, pick me this time – only kidding, a little).

4. To the Marriott hotel chain, my wish is for a lot of promotions I qualify for since I stay almost exclusively in Marriott properties and would like to keep it that way!

5. To United Airlines, my wish is for a continuation of flights and times to the destinations where I travel often. (I’m worried about service cuts after the integration of Continental Airlines)

6. To people who attend my workshops, my wish is that you will see workshops that are even more fun and interactive in 2011, but more importantly, that the information will stick with you and be useful!

7. To Agile For All clients, my wish is for a prosperous 2011 with increased delivery of business value due to using and being Agile.

8. To my friends and colleagues who are part of Agile Denver, my wish is for a great Mile High Agile 2011 conference on April 7.

9. To Mike Cohn, my wish is for incredible patience as he deals with the Scrum Alliance from his position as Chairman of the Board.

10. For my family I wish for an awesome 2011 including 2 major graduations, other major events (dive meets, Improv shows, Prostart competitions, etc.).

Until next time I’ll mostly be on vacation so I won’t be busy Making Agile a Reality® for anyone for a while.  Have a Merry Christmas, and if I don’t write again before then, a Happy New Year too.

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