Agile Project Leadership Network in Denver

I’m getting ready to leave for Boston and the SD Best Practices conference so this blog entry is short and not really about agile in general.  On Tuesday, October 21 a meeting was held to see if it made sense to start an APLN chapter in the Denver area.  The answer was a resounding YES!  I’m pretty excited about this.  For a while I have felt teams starting to fail with agile due to leadership issues, not technical process issues.  I’m hoping that an APLN chapter in the area will provide a learning/sharing environment that will help all organizations that use agile.  It would be great if the APLN chapter could help those organizations reach the next level in their agile maturity.

We’re currently targeting a next meeting on November 18.  We don’t know where, and we don’t even know if that will be the right date, but it is what we are shooting for right now.  The meeting will be an open discussion on the topic of convincing executives and managers that agile is the right thing to do.  It should be an interesting discussion.  I know I’m looking forward to it!

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