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Talking About Our Feelings—Potentially Awkward, Definitely Important

Last week, I described how to do the observation step of Focused Conversation without having to talk about all the details. At this point, many facilitators would naturally want to guide the group through interpreting the data. But the Focused Conversation method prescribes another step in between:

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Ask A4A: When the Observation Part of Focused Conversation Gets Boring

The Focused Conversation method asks us to start with observations before assigning labels – good, bad, effective, worthwhile, motivating, etc. In real-life facilitation, it can feel a little slow to start a retrospective with a simple “What happened this

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80/20 Facilitation (or, all the study on facilitation most people need)

In response to my recent post on developing your skills in 2016, several people mentioned facilitation as a skill they want to grow. As with many things, you can become good enough as a facilitator in a short time, and you can spend your life refining your skills. For most ScrumMasters, internal agile coaches,

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If you look out at your class and see this, it might mean you have a problem...

Is Your Training Amazing & Engaging? Or does it Smell?

I find many things puzzling. One that is puzzling, frustrating, and annoying is how people continue to use outdated methods to

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Sharpie 'Flip Chart' Markers

Marker Fanatics & Facilitating with Great Markers!

Great markers provide you with the option to create many different types of charts, diagrams, and pictures in your training or facilitated sessions. If you don’t use markers in your sessions, that might be a sign you need to make some changes!

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Why Project Retrospectives Are Challenging

Project retrospectives are challenging. I spoke a bit about this in lessons learned vs. project retrospectives. You might look at a merger, acquisition, implementation of a new ERP system, or even a major upgrade of an ERP or CRM system. These are non-reoccurring events. A retrospective of this type is

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Agile Safari – What’s Not Being Said?

agile_safari_elephant_room_cartoonHave you been in a situation where no one would bring up the problem that everyone knew was “in the room?” I’d guess that everyone has been there. So often, we don’t bring up the “elephant in the room.” For

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The Focused Conversation Poster.

Facilitating with The Focused Conversation

I was presenting Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams a while back and as we worked on ideas for a conflict protocol, we started discussing the common theme of “facts vs. feelings”. I’ll point out that there was not a hard-line view in the group as to one

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