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Welcome to Scrum Foundations!

Our Scrum Foundations course is designed to help you and everyone in your upcoming class start with the same core knowledge. This course aligns with the Scrum Foundations learning objectives from the Scrum Alliance. Additionally, this class is a helpful start or refresher for other classes, such as Agile for Executives and other leadership classes.

While Scrum is not the only agile framework, the core ideas from Scrum are a helpful starting place to understand agile. For those of you who have agile (and/or Scrum) experience, much of this might be a refresher, although in most cases we find that even experienced people find something new in the course.

The course is made up of a number of modules. Each module has one or more short videos, optional text, and some quiz questions.

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This course is currently closed

Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 14 Topics