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Course Overview

With the proven success of Agile Software Development, visionary leaders are inquiring about and applying “this Agile thing” elsewhere in their organizations — with mixed results. Many people attempt to simply apply “software agile” to non-software organizations or non-software departments. This seems like it might work in theory, but practically, you need to determine what agile “rules” will work and which will not in your specific environment. Determining what adds value and what does not can be challenging when starting with agile.

Agile Beyond Software is a course designed exclusively for people and teams who want to create Agile Companies — utilizing agile to improve their organizations outside of software departments. Explore where Agile makes sense for your organization and learn how to successfully adopt Agile to maximize business value within your unique culture, challenges and goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the values, principles, and disciplines behind successful Agile organizations
  • Adapt principles and practices from Agile Software Development to your non-software context
  • Learn and practice how to improve through experiments
  • Examine how to deal with potential agile transition problems and how to prevent them
  • Understand Scrum and Kanban, two Agile frameworks, and determine if one is a better fit or if a combination (Scrumban) fits your organization and teams
  • Explore methods for successful Agile transformation
  • Practice methods to visualize and increase transparency to your work and workflow
  • Create a roadmap to start or realign your agile beyond software plans

Anyone who wants to begin applying agile outside of the software space, in HR, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, etc. That includes leaders, team members, decision makers, high-level managers, and executives from throughout the organizations. This includes people from marketing, sales, talent (human resources), product or services development or support, and operations. . . to name a few.  We can help you figure out a starting point and whom to include.

Introductory to Intermediate


2.5 days on-site or off-site

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