Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams

I’ve presented a number of sessions on building antifragile relationships and teams. This post is a summary of the information from the sessions for anyone who attended (or anyone who is interested) as well links to related

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How Agile Goes Bad, Blame, and Options [Agile Safari]

08 Commit Without Understanding_AgileSafari

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The Responsibility Process, Context, and Safety

The Responsibility Process™ is a practice (some may argue it’s more or less than a practice) that helps us move towards more self-mastery. Being able to facilitate ourselves is all about emotional intelligence – our ability to recognize and react appropriately in the moment to our

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On Human Capital – HR and Agile

Human capital is just one of an organization’s intangible assets. It is basically all of the competencies and commitment of the people within an organization i.e. their skills, experience, potential and capacity. Other examples of intangible assets include: brand, software, design, working methods and customer relationships. The human capital asset captures all the people oriented

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Scrum Commitment or Forecast

I’ve been training, talking, coaching, and writing recently on the topic of commitment and realized that anytime that comes up, it reminds me of the old (seems old – but not really that old!) discussion on commitment or forecast. I still find there are many questions on this topic. It certainly has not been put

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Agile Safari – What’s Not Being Said?

agile_safari_elephant_room_cartoonHave you been in a situation where no one would bring up the problem that everyone knew was “in the room?” I’d guess that everyone has been there. So often, we don’t bring up the “elephant in the room.” For

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The Focused Conversation Poster.

Facilitating with The Focused Conversation

I was presenting Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams a while back and as we worked on ideas for a conflict protocol, we started discussing the common theme of “facts vs. feelings”. I’ll point out that there was not a hard-line view in the group as to one

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Santa Barbara Agile - Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams

Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams @ Santa Barbara Agile

Building antifragile relationships is about finding ways for our relationships to gain from disorder, or be more antifragile. What tools and practices can we use to help us thrive from disorder? What mindset do we need to hold to be present with the teams and organizations we are in?

I’m excited to be presenting

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