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Agile Denver and Agile Boulder Meetup Summary

Denver and Boulder, Colorado have a number of different agile groups that meet regularly. There is also an annual Mile High Agile Conference that sells out every year! I’m often talking to people who are new to Denver, Boulder, or somewhere else in Colorado and interested in agile, Scrum, kanban, lean, XP, etc. so I

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Agile Safari – Best Agile Project Management Software


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Fist of Five Voting Method - Option 1

Learning with Fist of Five Voting

Fist of Five Voting is a deceivingly simple process you can use to check-in, learn, gain consensus, and/or vote to understand where people stand on an issue or idea.  I say deceivingly, because there is so much more you can learn about what is really happening in a team if you are paying attention.


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Agile antipattern: Sizing or estimating bug fixes

Is the bug to the left a large bug or a small bug?  It looks HUGE to me!  Well, in reality it is probably between .5 and .75 inches long.  Not really a very big bug at all.  Why do we

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New to agile? Remember a user story is more than a card!

What’s wrong with the user story on the card?  It seems to have everything we need: a) short title, b) a size (in this case 2), and c) a well-written story using the standard “As a … I want … so that …” format.  So what’s wrong?

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Patterns for Splitting User Stories

MatryoshkaGood user stories follow Bill Wake’s INVEST model. They’re Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small, and Testable. The small requirement drives us to split large stories. But the stories after splitting still have to follow the model.

Many new agile teams attempt to split stories by architectural

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Agile pondering: Is it agile to have a “single wringable neck?”

nooseIn Scrum one of the named roles is that of Product Owner.  Some people have taken to referring to this position as the “single wringable neck” on a Scrum team.  This is because the Product Owner is ultimately responsible for the prioritized product backlog which the

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Agile antipattern: Waiting for all the requirements before starting

Time for a short blog entry (I tend to be way too verbose!). I often see teams trying to make sure they have all of the requirements for their projects before they start doing any substantive work on the project. Unfortunately, this often leads to long delays at the front of the process which in

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