Splitting Stories in German (or, User Stories Aufteilen)

Thanks to translation from Kai Simons, my “How to Split a User Story” flowchart is now available in German.

Click the thumbnail below to download the full-size PDF version.

This poster is also available in English, French, Russian, and Spanish. You’re welcome to print copies for personal use.

Update, October 2020: Richard’s latest story splitting resources are available at Humanizing Work.


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Richard Lawrence

Longtime co-owner of Agile For All, Richard left in October 2020 to co-found Humanizing Work. He trains and coaches people to collaborate more effectively with other people to solve complex, meaningful problems. He draws on a diverse background in software development, engineering, anthropology, and political science. Richard is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer, as well as a certified trainer of the accelerated learning method, Training from the Back of the Room. His book, Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber, was published by Addison-Wesley in 2019 (for more information, visit bddwithcucumber.com).


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