Certified ScrumMaster Course Reviews

PLEASE NOTE: CSM Training is now being delivered virtually! We will be updating this page with some additional details. If you are enrolled in a public CSM training course already, look for an email with updated information coming soon.

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Why take your Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) training from Agile for All? That’s easy: The Scrum Alliance provides a list of core concepts that must be covered in the class, but the quality of the training depends on your instructor.

Agile For All trainers are top-rated instructors and expert coaches. Since 2008, 99% of all attendees recommend our trainers. (Guess we can’t please everyone.)

Beyond learning the Scrum framework and the underlying Agile principles, practices, techniques to succeed as a ScrumMaster®, our trainers inspire, challenge, and motivate you. We go into detail on how to facilitate, coach, resolve conflict and lead a team, as well as share our industry experiences so our course material remains relevant to your needs.

We guarantee our two-day CSM workshop will be a one-of-a-kind experience, instilling confidence to engage successful Agile practices right away.

Course Length: 2 days.

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Only those whom the Scrum Alliance recognizes as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) may lead a CSM course. Out of approximately 185 CSTs worldwide, six Agile For All team members hold this credential. You can search for a CSM course by trainer here.

Unlike other CSM trainings, we use accelerated learning techniques to maximize learning and retention. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice core skills of facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution and leadership. If you are already on a Scrum team you will learn how to become a change agent to help your team achieve a higher level of success.

“I expected to get a ‘pre-recorded’ and ‘scripted’ class. Instead, I got a collaborative experience, which was worlds better than the typical trainings I’ve sat through.”


  • Continental breakfast, lunch and beverages
  • Two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, a $50 value
  • Bound copy of the course materials
  • Access to free Scrum and Agile resources


HIGH RETENTION: Agile For All trainers use accelerated learning techniques like Training From The Back Of The Room to present the course material in brain-friendly ways that help you maximize learning and retention.

NO BOREDOM: Rather than death by PowerPoint and long lectures, Agile For All courses are designed to be highly interactive.

FUN: Every part of this course is designed to keep you engaged and having fun while learning the material.

WHYS BEFORE HOWS: Beyond the basic Scrum framework, you’ll learn the underlying principles and values that drive success before getting into successful practices, allowing you to understand the practices at a much deeper level.

LEARN BY DOING: Multiple creative exercises and simulations give you the opportunity to practice core skills necessary to be a successful Certified ScrumMaster® — skills like facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution and leadership.

“Very practical and helpful information. It actually applies to more than just in the workforce. This class was very interactive, which helped our team significantly in learning and applying the material.”


In many industries the CSM designation is a requirement for employment or as a leader of an Agile or Scrum team. Becoming a CSM is also a pre-requisite for a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), which many organizations are recognizing as a valuable credential.

The majority of attendees do obtain certification. There are three main reasons someone may not achieve CSM status after a course:

  1. They did not meet the trainer’s expectations of attendance so they are ineligible for CSM status.
  2. After the course, they neglected to follow directions in the Scrum Alliance email inviting them to set up a profile required to complete the certification process.
  3. After setting up a profile, they did not complete and/or pass the online CSM evaluation administered by the Scrum Alliance.

Yes, Agile For All offers discounts to groups of three or more so your team can learn together and achieve greater results. If you have a group of 12 or more, we often arrange private on-site courses to meet your specific needs and schedule.

For more information, call us at 303.766.0917 or Contact Us.

Discounted pricing is based on when you pay for the workshop. Generally, signing up more than 30 days in advance provides the largest discount. Search our courses below to find the workshop you want to attend, then review deadlines for discounted registration.

We very rarely cancel a course. Workshops still listed within two weeks of course dates will not be canceled, except under extreme circumstances. On the rare occasion that a cancellation occurs, you will receive 3-4 weeks advance notice, we refund your entire purchase price and provide you with a discount code for a future course.

If you are not satisfied at the end of a course, let us know and we’ll refund your registration fee. We simply ask that you write a short explanation why you weren’t satisfied so we can make the course better.

Once you attend any Agile for All training you qualify to attend Humanizing Work — our annual advanced Agile training workshop event exclusively for alumni. Learn more about Humanizing Work here, or search our website for other courses which may help you achieve your goals.

It’s also recommended that most people achieving CSM status start working to become a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP). The Scrum Alliance has additional information and available certifications options on their website here.

You can “FastTrack” your Agile skills and receive both Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® training in just 4 days! Several times a year these courses coincide in the same location. Just check your course search results to see if a FastTrack option is available. Register for both and SAVE $200.