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Course Objectives

Our Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber course combines intensive training and coaching to prepare teams for success in implementing software tests using Cucumber. Discover why Cucumber is an ideal tool to add significant value to your software development.

Studies suggest that as much as two-thirds of any custom business application’s features are rarely or never used. BDD with Cucumber focuses teams on only those features that can be described with a concrete business example, driving out wasteful features and details. This savings can then be used to build high-value features better — and to build more of them faster.

Held on-site in your working environment, the course is designed for entire product development teams of up to 24 participants, including: developers, testers, Product Owners, managers of all types, and other stakeholders. (BDD is a whole team collaboration practice, so involving product people is really important.)

The course sequence is 2 days of on-site training immediately followed by 2 days of coaching, and then two more 2-day live coaching visits over the next several months.

Training Benefits

After just the first coaching visit, our BDD clients experience a return on their investment, including:

  • A backlog that focuses more on early and frequent delivery of value to customers
  • Better alignment of framework, infrastructure, and other technical work with customer value
  • Faster backlog grooming that get multiple roles talking about the right details at just the right time
  • Reduced waste in the backlog
  • Teams using BDD see a reduction in regression testing time and in regression defects.

The course can be done with the automation content in Ruby, Java, or C#.

Tiered pricing and participant options available.


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