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Course Overview

Agile with Kanban training covers all aspects of kanban, an agile approach, as well as key aspects of Lean, where kanban is rooted.  The course looks at what it means to have an agile-lean business, from vision to continuous improvement. We dig into what it takes to identify where the deliver of value to your customer is slowing down or getting stuck and cover multiple approaches to improving that flow.

Kanban is often used by teams or groups who are working in IT operations, support, and DevOps as well as people who are looking to use agile outside of IT, throughout the organization (e.g. marketing, customer support, sales, HR, manufacturing, etc.)

Beyond just a set of practices, the course covers the difference between the agile mindset and just “doing agile.” The course starts by focusing on understanding what types of situations agile works in and why, so students can understand the real-world impacts of using agile or not. Building on this foundation, we dig into what kanban really means in practice and what it takes for it to succeed. We explore a variety of topics, from a history of kanban and key aspects of its success, to the details of managing shifting priorities, and delivering quality work as an organization. This course is for people looking for better ways to deliver value to customers, work together, learn, and support other team members.

Students will be working on REAL business processes and kanban systems in the class, so having multiple people with knowledge of business areas is important. Given this, the ideal situation is that the class is made up of groups of people who share responsibility for delivering some part of the same product or service. Typically there will be multiple groups in one class, addressing a number of products and services. This may include groups from IT operations, HR, sales, marketing, customer support, and any groups delivering products and services specific to your organization.  If this is not possible you have questions about what this requirement, please contact us to discuss options.

Agile with Kanban is available as a private, on-site course and can be tailored to include your needs.

Why Kanban

This course is built for anyone who

  • works with others to deliver products and services and is looking for ways to continuously improve.
  • is looking to apply agile outside of software in a clear and practical way.
  • works in an environment where the work is not predictable enough for a sprint or iteration, but still wants the benefits of agile.
  • people looking for better ways to work together and remove bottlenecks from their work


Learning Objectives

  • What types of situations agile adds value to and why
  • Being agile vs. doing agile – what this means in practice
  • Agile values and principles and their impact on you
  • Scrum overview – Scrum, another agile approach, is important to understand in order to work and engage with teams who are using it as well as comparing Scrum and kanban
  • Lean principles and kanban values supporting collaboration and performance
  • How to identify and tackle impediments to flow with the Theory of Constraints
  • Techniques to continuously improve
  • Foundations of an Agile-Lean Business
  • The core elements of kanban and it’s practical application in teams and organizations
  • How to design a kanban system (including kanban boards and cards) to gain valuable insights and optimize outcomes
  • Learn how planning and forecasting work in kanban systems
  • Understand metrics and charts that can help you assess performance and identify improvements
  • Realize how kanban can be used to identify and make the case to remove organizational constraints

DESIGNED FOR Sales, marketing, manufacturing, human resources-talent, purchasing, R&D, Accounting and Finance, operations, customer support, distribution, and more. Yes, pretty much anyone work works with others and wants to continuously improve!

Introductory to Intermediate

Pre-work video series that is include as part of this class.

2-2.5 days on-site or off-site


Let’s start a conversation. Contact us for scheduling or questions about this course.

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