Course Overview

Shift your organization from doing Agile to being Agile. Advancing Agility is a private, on-site training that builds on existing Agile knowledge and experience to reinforce continuous improvement and maximize delivery of business value. Through accelerated learning techniques and integrated coaching, each role has the opportunity to practice Agile mastery. New concepts, tools, and skills create a shared responsibility that allows everyone to work at higher levels of collaboration, interaction, and delivery.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze and build on existing Agile Practices to establish a mindset of continuous improvement, learning, and recognition of progress.
  • Learn how to use Agile values and principles to assess and take action on organizational opportunities and challenges.
  • Understand the foundation of Anti-fragile Relationships.
  • Learn how to create an atmosphere where people and teams can benefit from feedback and constructive conflict with powerful team alliances.
  • Learn Agile facilitation approaches to common working session situations (e.g. a few people dominating the conversation, no one speaking at all, inability to gain a team agreement, and more).
  • Learn techniques to deal with challenging interpersonal interactions such as giving and receiving feedback, communicating honestly, and dealing with criticism.
  • Explore organizational constraints, opportunities, and issues to identify options and experiments that move teams towards valuable solutions.

All roles through executive leadership: developers, testers, designers, analysts, managers, executives, product managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, etc.

Intermediate. (This is not an introductory class and is structured based on participants experience with Agile.)

Agile for Teams, CSM, CSPO or other foundational Agile experience within organizations.

2.5 days of on-site training, then we build on the training with integrated Agile coaching.

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