Assessments (Why we don’t do them…)

Agile services companies like ours typically offer assessments. They observe your teams, conduct interviews, and write a report about what you should change. Except in special cases, we’ve stopped doing assessments. Here’s why:

It’s presumptuous. You know your context better than any external expert ever will. An outside observer simply can’t grasp your context well enough in a few days to prescribe an effective course of action.

Assessments don’t build ownership. Recommendations from an outside expert are easy to dismiss: “They don’t really understand our situation.” And often, people in early development of an Agile mindset struggle to understand and apply them.

Organizations are more likely to succeed with Agile when the changes are owned by the people responsible for continuous improvement. That’s why we use our Agile for Executives and Agile for Teams workshops as self-assessments. Participants learn the mindset and principles behind Agile and then apply them in a way that uniquely fits their culture. Our coaches use that observational knowledge to craft an Agile plan to unlock the potential of your organization, individual teams, or specific roles.