How to make a LOT more money using agile

Yesterday’s blog post dealt with how to manage scope for an agile project.  Today I have to admit it was a bit of a setup.  It was designed to set up today’s blog post which is really the important one!

See that pile of money over

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New to agile? INVEST in good user stories

As a <user> I want <function> so that<value>.

Above is a very simple user story template.  How can something so simple be so hard to get right?  User stories make up the heart of agile development.  They are the primary input to the team.  The team takes the user stories and creates product increments based

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New to Agile? Use a Rules of Engagement document.

US-original-Declaration-1776How do we work together? Seems like a simple question, right? How wrong you could be!  For an agile team, working together is vitally important, but it is also the hardest thing to accomplish.  Why?  Because we don’t

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New to agile? Get focused with a vision

Bear with me on this blog entry.  It takes a bit of setup until I get to the main point.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading about blogging and how to make a blog better. I didn’t get very far when I was hit with the opening

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New to agile? Don’t settle for mediocrity

James Shore recently changed the entire focus of his company. This blog entry gives his reasons why. The blog post really struck a chord with me because I often use the phrase “To me mediocre is not acceptable.” Now

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New to agile? Tools for distributed agile

I’ve been working the past several weeks with some highly distributed teams.  Each team requires a way to track their project effectively (when you have people in 6 different states and a few countries cards on the wall no longer work!), collaborate, use planning poker and store things pertinent to the project.  What can you

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New to Agile? Beware of the elephant in the room!

Like many other agile consultants I am often asked how agile adoptions could fail.  This question has a myriad of answers.  A search on Google for agile failure leads to over 1,960,000 hits (fortunately agile success has 5,370,000 hits so we’re ok!).  But it is obvious

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New to agile? Remember to eliminate waste

When I teach any agile course I start out with the principles of lean that Mary and Tom Poppendieck have written about in their books.  The very first of these principles is Eliminate Waste.

What does this really mean in practice?  Let’s start with a

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