Building Antifragile Relationships and Teams

I’ve presented a number of sessions on building antifragile relationships and teams. This post is a summary of the information from the sessions for anyone who attended (or anyone who is interested) as well links to related articles.

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at Agile Leadership Summit (Orlando), Agile2015 (Washington DC), Agile and Beyond in Detroit, Mile High Agile in Denver, and Agile Santa Barbara!  Fantastic people!!

Truly amazing response!!!

Below is a list of links, information, and references, including slides.


After my session agile Agile2015, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Shane Hastie (a great guy if you ever get a chance to talk with him!). I was a bit amped after my session – you will notice in the beginning of the interview!  You can watch the interview on the InfoQ Site.


Training on this topic:

  • Agile Leadership Training: We are offering Agile Leadership – Leading Amazing Teams for Breakthrough Results which includes a framework and approach to creating antifragile teams. The course includes the Certified Agile Leader 1 (CAL1) and ICAgile Agile Certified Coach (ICAP-ACC) certifications with completion of the course.
  • Coach Training: Many ideas were inspired from ideas taught by CRR Global. If you are interested in really digging into these ideas, they offer training and real certification for Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) — I’m glad to talk about this in more detail. I’m not part of CRR, but I am a Certified ORSC coach, so I’m glad to answer questions about the value of ORSC in Agile. I have to add that the CRR Global Program is truly amazing and should you decide to go down that road, it will change your life and the lives of others you interact with.

Reading on this topic:

If you are looking for anything else please email me!  Feel free to learn more about me or where I might be speaking next, view my my blog, or connect with me via Linked In, Twitter, or Google+.  To receive emails with new posts and Agile Safari Cartoons, please subscribe

If you are interested in discussing these ideas, please reach out to me via email and certainly I’d love to connect on any of the other social media platforms. I love to discuss these ideas and am glad to answer questions or point you to more information!


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