Focusing on the Right Things in Your Daily Scrum

“Yesterday, I was in Sprint Planning…” I hear it once, and I’m suspicious. By the time the third team member says this, it’s clear the Daily Scrum I’m observing is broken. Everyone in the room knows we did planning yesterday—we were all there. It’s not valuable content to help the team plan its day.


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Agile Homeschool

Homeschool Standup MeetingMy wife and I have been homeschooling our 3 boys since our oldest, who turns 13 tomorrow, started kindergarten. From the beginning, we’ve tried to apply the Agile, Lean, and accelerated learning principles I use in my work. After 8 years of experimentation, we’ve settled on

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Change Happens—So Make it Cheaper

Change on software projects is expensive; it leads to wasteful rework.

Change is risk. We can deal with risk one of two ways. We can reduce the likelihood of the negative event occurring. Or we can reduce the impact of the negative event when it does occur. (Of course, the two can often be combined.)

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Splitting Stories in Spanish (or, Como Dividir una Historia de Usuario)

Thanks to Joserra Díaz for the translation (with feedback from Matin Alaimo and Alan Cyment).

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Story Splitting in Russian (or, Как Разделять Истории Пользователей)

Thanks to Alexander Lutsaevsky for the

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Splitting Stories in French (or, Comment découper un récit utilisateur)

Thanks to Jean-Jacques Lévesque, my “How to Split a User Story” poster is now available in French.

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Functional Managers in Agile

As an organization transforms to an agile way of working, functional managers (e.g. a dev manager or a test manager) can feel lost. Many of their traditional responsibilities move to other roles or disappear altogether.

How can functional managers continue to add value in an agile organization? Here are a few

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Splitting Stories in German (or, User Stories Aufteilen)

Thanks to translation from Kai Simons, my “How to Split a User Story” flowchart is now available in German.

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