Story Splitting in Russian (or, Как Разделять Истории Пользователей)

Thanks to Alexander Lutsaevsky for the

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Splitting Stories in French (or, Comment découper un récit utilisateur)

Thanks to Jean-Jacques Lévesque, my “How to Split a User Story” poster is now available in French.

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Functional Managers in Agile

As an organization transforms to an agile way of working, functional managers (e.g. a dev manager or a test manager) can feel lost. Many of their traditional responsibilities move to other roles or disappear altogether.

How can functional managers continue to add value in an agile organization? Here are a few

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Splitting Stories in German (or, User Stories Aufteilen)

Thanks to translation from Kai Simons, my “How to Split a User Story” flowchart is now available in German.

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New Story Splitting Resource

More than two years after I originally published it, “Patterns for Splitting User Stories” remains one of the most visited posts on my blog. Splitting user stories continues to be one of the areas where the teams I work with most often need coaching.

To support the teams I coach, I’ve created a flow

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Coaching Surgeons, Cyclists, and Software Teams

Atul Gawande is a surgeon and author who has written some excellent books and New Yorker articles reflecting on the state of modern medicine. Recently, his writing has gone beyond medicine in interesting ways. As he looks for lessons for medicine from other disciplines, he ends up with things to teach both medical professionals and

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Cucumber Tip: IRB From Inside a Step Definition

Most Ruby programmers know about Ruby’s interactive console, IRB. (If you don’t, stop right here, open up a command window and run irb. Type some Ruby code. See how it returns the result of each line right away.) IRB is great for poking around with unfamiliar libraries.

Suppose you’re using Capybara with Cucumber for

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Building a Useful Task Board

The task board is a simple, yet powerful, tool for Scrum teams. As a coach, I can tell a lot about a team just by looking at their task board in the middle of a sprint. If your Scrum team is in the same location, I can’t think of a good reason why you wouldn’t

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