Resources from our Agile 2009 Presentation

For those who attended my Agile 2009 presentation with Bob Hartman, “The 7 Deadly Sins of Almost Being Agile,” here are the slides and handouts.


Evaporating Cloud Cheat Sheet Handout

Evaporating Cloud Template

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How to Give a Great Sprint Demo

Exciting. Entertaining. Do these words describe your sprint demo meetings? Or are boring and unfocused more accurate?

I can’t believe how many times I’ve come in to coach a team and they’ve been surprised when I actually expected to see a software demo in the sprint demo meeting. As the agile principle says, “Working software

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Continuous Deployment

I’ve written before about the amazing financial impact of releasing more often. And I know from personal experience the positive impact that frequent releases have on learning and on product quality and value. So, I enjoyed this post on one company’s experience with continuous releases. Yes, you read that right; they release, on

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WatiN Patterns #2: One Assertion and a Name to Match

One way to keep your WatiN tests maintainable is to keep them small and focused. WatiN Pattern #2, then, is a way to do just

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7 Tips for a More Effective Daily Scrum

The main purpose of the Daily Scrum is for team members to make and follow-up on commitments to one another that work towards the team’s shared sprint commitment. If your Daily Scrum has become unfocused, too long, or otherwise ineffective, here are seven ways to get it back on

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WatiN Patterns #1: No Browser Left Behind

In my previous posts on WatiN, I lamented the shortage of online documentation and resolved to do something about it by documenting the patterns I’ve found for good WatiN tests. This is the first in a Read More

Another Look at WatiN

At my current client, we’ve decided to use WatiN, largely for the C# vs. Ruby reason I discussed earlier this week. After spending a week working with WatiN (following a year of rarely using it), I’m impressed. Ruby and the active Watir community still have their advantages. But WatiN has really come into

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Agile Product Management Boot Camp

Bob Hartman and I are offering an Agile Product Management Boot Camp course March 9-10 in Denver. If you’re a product manager, product owner, business analyst or in any other product facing role in an agile (or soon-to-be agile) environment, this intense, hands-on course is a great opportunity for you to ensure that you’re helping

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